Womb Cleaning Tea

Ladies Womb Cleaning Tea helps clear odor in vaginal area.


Great for those who are struggling to conceive.



1 review for Womb Cleaning Tea

  1. Peakanyo

    Gogo.. I got this tea from you as a prescription. Second time abadala asked you to prepare it a certain way and you did just that.
    I still had some left and recently I experienced an infection with an unpleasant odour. I had 1 cup in the morning and literally a few days later I was wondering what helped me. I remembered it was the tea! Thokoza mtomdala, your hands are truly blessed. Ngibonge as well to those that blessed you with your healing work. I’m truly amazed. Definitely a must have “toiletry” item for all women. It beats even western medication because it’s NATURAL!!

    THOKOZA 👏🏽

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